Mission Statement/ Nuestra Mision

--Sin Puentes, todos serĂ­amos islas--

To promote the well-being of Philadelphia’s Latinos through low-cost, high-quality health care, community development, and innovative education programs which reflect evolving partnerships among individuals, community organizations, and academic institutions.



1) To develop a sustainable, long-term strategy for health promotion and disease prevention
2) To provide medical services targeting the acute and chronic health needs of the population
3) To create a research partnership between the university and community that will guide best practices for the care of Latino patients both locally and nationally

Guiding Principles
1) Working collaboratively with communities and stakeholders
2) Addressing social determinants of health
3) Operating in multidisciplinary professional teams

Giving Back

Latina Community Health Services (LCHS) celebrates twins, and recently the 120th birth since the beginning of the program in September 2008. The proud mother of the two chiquitos above (with Jack Ludmir, MD) volunteered to be a mentor and comadre to all the women in our program carrying twins in the future-- as she stated, "it is a lot to manage, having two babies at once, especially for women like me who are working, have our other children, and may be single mothers with our families far away in Mexico. I want to help them navigate their pregnancies so that they feel supported". LCHS continues to provide comprehensive, quality gynecological and prenatal care services to the Latina community in Philadelphia, as our community of women helping each other also continues to flourish.